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Alvas Floating Subfloor

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Absorb the Shock Without Shocking Your Bank Account!

Total material cost, including our kit, is about $2.50 to $3.00 per sq ft. Step-by-step instructions enable anyone with basic carpentry skills to install it. An average size studio (about 1,000 sq ft) takes 2 people about 5 days to complete. (Of course, you must always check with local building codes and permit requirements before building anything yourself)

You’ll feel like you’re dancing on a cloud!


  • 9 Laminations 5’ x 5’ x ½” Baltic Birch Plywood Sheets
  • Adhesives
  • Labor
  • Tools


  • Instructions
  • Telephone Tech Support
  • Foam Blocks
  • Jig
  • Notched Glue Spreader
  • Self Drilling Screws

The Floating Subfloor is the biggest and most important expense to any dance studio, so our approach is to show you a proven way to do it yourself. We tell you exactly what you need and how to do it because it doesn’t pay to ship plywood across the country. Alvas has sold and/or installed hundreds of floating floors with a 100% success rate. Customers call us back saying, “We are so glad we bought your floor. It was easy to build, saved us so much money and looks beautiful.

Our Subfloor is low, just
1-3/4” high, and needs only
a 21” ramp. (Complies with
most building codes)
sub-floor sub-floor2 No tongue-and-groove or
biscuit joints are needed.
Add an Alvas vinyl dance
floor surface for texture.
“As a professional Classical Ballet Dancer, our shoes are everything! Beyond that, no matter how incredible the fit and comfort of the shoe, the floor we dance on is our world! Having grown up in San Pedro, California, and relying on Alvas for all of my dance gear, it couldn’t be more fitting that as a soloist with a world renowned ballet company, I would end up falling in love with their Floating Subfloors. A floor that has give when I land from jumps, and a surface that allows you to be daring, is a necessity. Alvas flooring provides both. Alvas has reliable products that I have always been able to count on.”
Misty Copeland, Classical Ballet Dancer

Alvas recommends starting with North American Plywood as your wood source, or they may recommend a dealer near you (North American Plywood: East Coast 800-759-6606 or West Coast/Midwest 800-421-1372) The wood glue and spray adhesive can be purchased at your local home improvement store. Foam Blocks: The size and color of the foam blocks may vary slightly; variances in size and/or color will in no way hinder the functionality of the floor.