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Alvas Marlay: Full Size Roll (Weldable Floor)


$1,111.22 Full Roll

Alvas Marlay is a versatile, reversible (marley-type) dance floor covering, utilized with welded seams. It is ideal for many forms of dance or for multi-purpose use. Marlay has a non-skid matte finish. Available in full size rolls, 5′ x 60′. Permanent installation. (Semi-permanent also available)

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Alvas Marlay is a versatile, double-sided dance floor covering, utilized with welded seams. This marley-type PVC vinyl flooring is ideal for ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, hip hop and many other forms of dance. It is also ideal for multi-purpose use such as competitions, gigs, performances and displays. Both sides of the Marlay have a matte finish and a surface texture that is not too fast and not too slow. (Comparable to Rosco’s Arabesque and Harlequin’s Cascade)

Cleaning and maintenance is simple- see FAQ for instructions.

When Marlay is used for dance, it is suitable for laying on a hard, smooth floor, but it is ideally paired (and recommended) with a sprung or floating subfloor.

Available in Light Gray/Dark Gray
(Welding material not included)

Installation Type:
Opt #1: Semi-permanent with Gaffers and Vinyl tape
Opt #2: Permanent with welding rods (We recommend hot welding be done by a professional in order to avoid permanent damage to the floor)

Weighs 187 lbs
Thickness: 0.080″ (2.032 mm)
Size: 5′ x 60′ Length may be longer than stated

Click here for Matlay Cleaning Instructions
Need a subfloor? Click here for Alvas Floating Subfloor Cost Estimator
Made in USA
Click here for Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
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