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Wall Mount Adjustable Bracket

///Wall Mount Adjustable Bracket

Wall Mount Adjustable Bracket


Adjustable/Removable Brackets are mounted to the wall and allow the barre approximately 14″ of height adjustment, which can be done quickly and without tools.


Wall Mount Adjustable/Removable Brackets are mounted to the wall and allow the barre approximately 14″ of height adjustment- which can be done quickly and without tools. Ideally used for ballet.

Adjustable brackets (also known as adjustable/removable brackets) are:

  • Ideal for most studios, schools and multi-purpose rooms
  • Great for growing/new studios
  • Solution for multiple barre users with different hip/waist heights
  • Solution for growing children/teens
  • Easy to adjust in height and can easily be temporarily removed from the wall

Available for purchase or rental. Contact us for rental price and availability.

Excellent Design

Each Wall Mount Adjustable Bracket is made of sturdy steel and will extend approximately 9″ from the wall. The ends of the brackets are threaded so they actually screw into the rear side of the barre. This excellent design allows your hand or foot to slide easily across the barre without hitting the brackets.

Transferable, Budget Friendly & Room for Growth

Each (Single) Adjustable Bracket is made up of two parts: A wall channel and an extension unit. You can also re-purpose the Extension Units and use them with Free Standing Frames or Floor Mount Frames, since both types of frames utilize the same Extension Units.

Adjustable Brackets are great for growing/new studios! By choosing single Adjustable Brackets, you open yourself up to the opportunity for growth in the future, even if you’re on a tight budget now. Adjustable Brackets (when paired with Ballet Barres) allow you to have single barres in your space. Later, simply purchase additional Extension Units and Barres and you easily convert your single barres into double barres.

Often, a combination of fixed and adjustable barres are used in dance studios.

Adjustable Height (with option as Non-Adjustable)

Barre height can be easily adjusted on Wall Mount Adjustable Brackets, Free Standing Frames and Floor Mount Frames without uninstalling the bracket from the unit. Traditionally, ballet barres should be approximately waist height of the user, so if you have multiple barre users with different hip/waist heights or those who will grow in height (children and teens), this is your solution!

The Extension Unit part of the Adjustable Bracket can also be made so they do not adjust by hand- while leaving the option to raise and lower the barre height in the future. To do so, replace the Large Wingnut (comes with the Adjustable Bracket) with a Hex Nut (sold separately) on the Extension Unit.

Note: If frequent height adjustment is required, no more than three adjustable brackets per barre length is recommended. It is harder to adjust barres that have more than three brackets.


While the wall channel (part of the Adjustable Bracket) is installed directly into the wall, the extension unit can be easily removed by loosening the wingnut and sliding the extension unit up and out of the channel. This allows transforming multi-purpose rooms a breeze!

Bracket Finish

Available in bright, shiny chrome.

Choosing the Correct Bracket Quantity

Please consult Alvas FAQ for bracket quantity and spacing per length of barre.

Dance / Ballet

Traditional ballet uses barres for balance only. That being said, Alvas typically recommends:

  • 2 brackets for each barre up to 10′ long, or
  • 3 brackets for each barre up to 16′ long.


Since barre fitness classes usually include some tugging on the barres, Alvas recommends:

  • 1 bracket for each 4′ length of barre,
  • Adding additional bracket(s) for extra stability (Ensure the barre has more brackets than for standard/traditional ballet use, &
  • Consulting your local barre fitness studio for specific recommendations for their particular type of barre class.

Other Purpose

Please consult your local contractor for their recommendation on your current project needs.

Completing Your Barre Unit

Pricing shown is for Wall Mount Adjustable Brackets only and does not include shipping.
(For use with Ballet Barres– Sold separately)

Made in USA

All of Alvas Wall Mount Adjustable Brackets are manufactured in the United States.

Still Have Questions?

Click here for Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
Have more questions? We have answers! Our experience is extensive and our advice is free. Click here to email us.


Weighs 2.5 lb
Click here for Wall Mount Adjustable Bracket Specifications


Production Time

Production Time is usually 2-4 business days, plus transit time. (Transit time is determined by the shipping company)

Need it faster? Rush options

Need it faster? Call us and we’ll do our best to help! There is a chance we can rush your shipment and/or us an expedited delivery service.
Expediting Options:
– Rush Production Time ($50 Rush charge may apply)
– Expedited Delivery Service
– Will Call (Customer Pick Up)

Shipping Calculations

Wall Mount Adjustable Brackets ship UPS Ground, unless your order qualifies to ship Freight.*

* Shipments are calculated depending on the length, width and weight of packages. This includes, but is not limited to, Barres longer than 8′, the total weight of the order and/or any Glassless Mirror Panels. Barres longer than 8′ cannot be shipped by UPS Ground and must be shipped by motor freight. If shipping costs are a concern, you may consider several 4’ – 8’ barres or a combination thereof.


Refer to our FAQ for more information on Shipping, Returns and Product Guarantees.


Mounting screws are included for Wood Stud installation. (If installing the Wall Mount Adjustable Brackets into something other than wood studs, screws/fasteners will need to be purchased from your local home improvement store)

Click here for Wall Mount Adjustable Bracket Instructions

We also offer installation services to most Southern California locations.  Contact us for details.

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