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Our customers love Alvas products as much as we do.

We invest so much time and effort is put into all of our barres, dance floors and glassless mirrors and we continue to look for ways to share and inspire others with the same love and passion for dance that our founders began the company with.

Of course, don’t take our word for it. Just ask our dedicated customers!

Check our their testimonials below.

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“As a professional Classical Ballet Dancer, our shoes are everything! Beyond that, no matter how incredible the fit and comfort of the shoe, the floor we dance on is our world! Having grown up in San Pedro, California, and relying on Alvas for all of my dance gear, it couldn’t be more fitting that as a soloist with a world renowned ballet company, I would end up falling in love with their Floating Subfloors. A floor that has give when I land from jumps, and a surface that allows you to be daring, is a necessity. Alvas flooring provides both. Alvas has reliable products that I have always been able to count on.”

Misty Copeland, Classical Ballet Dancer
“As the creator of ‘Cardio Barre’, I only want the best for my clients. When you want the best, you go to Alvas”
Richard Giorla, Cardio Barre
“We can’t say enough great things about Alvas and their customer service! Not only is the quality of their Ballet Barres exceptional, but their customer service is top-notch. They respond quickly and are very organized. Alvas is the recommended Ballet Barre supplier to our instructors around the world. Thanks Alvas!”
Piloxing Barre, Piloxing Academy LLC
“We’ve used Alvas products since we started. The flexibility of studio configurations that the mirrors allow has been essential for us, and Matlay has served us well through many, many hours of rehearsals and performances. The barres are light, and can be conveniently broken down for transport, and the subfloor is beautifully balanced for shock absorption. Alvas is also a great supporter of dance in Southern California, and has excellent customer service. More than once I’ve been choreographing a commercial, and the production team has discovered they need a better floor. I’ve been amazed at how their guys get to the set and lay a floor.”

“At Master Ballet Academy, we are pleased to use Alvas Marlay dance flooring and their durable and adjustable ballet barres. At our world-recognized studio, Alvas’ products are a perfect and safe fit for our elite training. The Alvas products we have used have helped us effectively train and advance our students and we are grateful for their reliable service.”

Slawomir and Irena Wozniak, Master Ballet Academy

“As a Founder of Barre Belle and creator of my own Barre technique, the barre is everything. We’ve had an incredible experience working with Alvas and will continue to use their barres in future endeavors.”

Marnie Alton, Barre Belle